The workings of Transberg is very simple – We simply break the bus value into blocks so you and many others can have a stake or become shareholder in transport vehicles while we manage the entire transport business for a fee of 20% net income. Your stake or shares in a bus or vehicle is called BUSSHARE.



Bayo a banker wants to get into the transportation business while he keeps his job,he cannot afford to leave his day job to manage the daily operations of a transport business. To start he also needs to purchase a vehicle for inter-state travel. An 18 seater bus cost 5million naira. Now there is a another problem he only has in his savings NGN500,000 for this venture. His dream to run a transport business succesfully is dying even before he gets started.
CRISES - Under-capitalization • Inadequate management time • No business experience or industry knowledge • Maintenance and operational challenges.


Low start up capital

Transberg helps you achieve investing in transport with as little as N10,000 so with Bayo’s N500,000,he is ready to start investing in as many as up to 50 vehicles if he wants to. Using the power of technology and crowdfunding, we bring together investors who are interested in investing in transportation just like Bayo.
Transberg provides the Bus for purchase by investors, so with Bayo’s N500,000 and shares from others like him, the bus is purchased, registered, insured and ready for business.if Bayo selects a single vehicle to invest his whole money,Bayo’s BusShare is 10%.

We take care of everything

Transberg manages the bus as the principal partner, pays all fees and does all maintenance, schedule all routes, provides and develop bus terminals and pays Bayo his net income or profit determined by his BusShare on every trip.

Excelent sharing formular – Everybody wins

Having invested in a vehicle of 5million naira value with 500,000 naira, Bayo’s Bushare is 10%. This means he will receive 10% of every net income on every trip the bus makes. For example, If the bus is scheduled for a route of Lagos to Accra and brings in an income of 170k per trip, after deduction of fees such as service, fuel, maintenance and management fee of approximatly 60% on every trip, the profit on this trip is N68,000.

Bayo’s BusShare and income from this trip is 10% of N68,000 which is N6,800. If the bus makes 100 trips within the next 6 months, Bayo has a total income of N680,000. By this he has recovered his initial investment and he keeps earning on every trip his bus makes for the next 5 years. After 5 years, which is the shareholders investment life span on the vehicle, the status becomes “out of service” and Bayo receives a depreciation value. This ends the lifespan of Bayo’s investment and stake on that bus.

Revenue Sharing Formular per trip is 20 / 40 /40 – Management Fee = 20% – Maintainance and service fee = 40% – Shareholder Return = 40%

BusShare online management dashboard

Transberg delivers BOMD – (BusShare online management dashboard) technology, this gives investors in a vehicle the ability to track their vehicles by knowing the status of the vehicle at every time. You will know when your vehicle is in the bus terminal, on transit and when it arrives at its location.
Your Transberg online platform (BOMD) provides you with an interface to invest in as many vehicles as you want and also to manage your income, deposits, income withdrawals and other features like Investing in more vehicles with just a few clicks of the button, view vehicle routes, among other innovative functions includes recieving sms alert on all income transactions.